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  • Bien n1094
  • Description

    CHARMANT STUDIO A SAINT-MARTIN ANTILLES FRANCAISES Idéalement situé sur la Baie Nettlé entre Mer et Lagon Proche du centre ville et du côté Hollandais. Studio tout équipé et climatisé, séc ...
  • titre en
  •   Price :  € / month
  •  studio loc_saisonniere in nettle
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  • Bed & Beakfast
  • Bien n304
  • Description

    This Guest house is proposed by Simone Seitre, owner of the gingerbread gallery. Simone has been living in St Martin for over 25 years. Thanks her, you will know every thing about St Martin and the Haïtian art. This "Bed and Breakfast" ...
  • Swimming pool
  •   Price : 80 € / la nightée
  •  studio loc_saisonniere in marigot
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  • Charm & Peace
  • Bien n466
  • Description

    Apartments, each one equipped with a kitchen on a huge terrace with a view of the park, a bathroom and dressing room. Pink, blue, yellow etc Each room has a particularly charming, peaceful atmosphere. There are no telephone or television, on purpos ...
  • plenitude
  •   Price :  € 
  •  appartement loc_saisonniere in friars_bay
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